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Not Protected Installation Guide for iOS with L2TP/IPSec

1. Select Settings > General > VPN
2. Press Add VPN Configuration > Enter the Type menu, choose L2TP
3. When you enter the Description text box, you will need to insert a name for your VPN connection i.e. L2TP
4. Once you are in the Server text box, you will need to add the Domain for the location/server to which you want to connect, and which is a part of the server list
5. Visit the Account region and choose the server login
6. Modify the RSA SecurID option and choose OFF.
7. Insert the Password text box, include the server password
8. You will have a Secret box, here you can add the PSK (pre-shared key).
9. Change the Send All Traffic option to ON.
10. In the case of the Proxy option, select OFF and then you can press Done.
How to connect?
1. Enter the iOS device, press Settings > General > VPN.
2. Choose the L2TP or you can use your profile name depending on the situation
3. Change the Status button and make sure it says Connecting.
After you completed all these steps your online connections will be anonymous and secure each time you visit the web. In case you have questions or problems, then you can get in touch with our team as fast as possible.
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