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Double+ VPN

Create chains of VPN servers, you can use up to 4 of them at once.

What is Double+ VPN?

Double+ VPN is a chain of several of our VPN servers. They are connected to each other in series and this way the traffic passes through all of them until reaching the final Internet resource!

How does Double+ VPN work?

Your data is now protected by two servers, not just one of them. At first, the data and traffic will get through the first VPN server and here it’s decrypted and then encrypted again. Once that is done, it will reach the second VPN server and after that it will bring you to the Internet location of your choice. You are free to create a set of up to 4 different servers with a different geolocation!
You can create a chain of 4 servers with different geo locations, that's what it is.

Double+ VPN Advantages

Your ISP does not see your final IP address on the Internet;
The second VPN server does not know your real-world IP address;
You can use different geographical locations through VPN servers;
At each stage, the IP address changes provide an extra layer of anonymity;
Double encryption.

When don`t you need Double+ VPN?

If you do not need powerful protection
If you just want to browse the web and visit blocked internet sites and resources, a single VPN server will suffice.
When you need maximum speed
In case you want the maximum speed, going through multiple VPN servers will lower your speed, so it’s better to stick with a single VPN server in that situation.
For surfing on the TOR network
If you want to use the TOR and VPN functions, you need just one server.

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