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What is DNS?

In general terms, you can understand what DNS means by deciphering its name - Domain Name System. The DNS system is used to distribute a set of data and keys over the Internet. When users enter a certain key, for example, the address of the site, the server gives him data corresponding to the requested key. Accordingly, the users can access a huge number of servers around the world.

How can DNS affect your security?

The DNS leak occurs when you visit a website and your device accesses your ISP's DNS server. This problem will offer all kinds of ways for attackers to access your data and it will make you very vulnerable because of that. All your traffic can be monitored by your ISP or DNS provider. This is a problem, as they will see all the websites you are visiting and any other relevant information.

How to avoid DNS leaks?

In order to DNS requests to be encrypted, you need a reliable VPN provider that will encrypt your DNS requests. He will not give hackers a chance to hack or steal your personal data. Thanks to, your DNS requests will be transmitted through an encrypted tunnel. As a result, this will not allow attackers to get information about you. Which means you will be fully protected against all kinds of different attacks.

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