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We are using the best AES 256 algorithms, nobody will decrypt your data.

What is VPN encryption?

In simple terms, encryption is a process of that helps convert data into code. Encryption mixes all the information you send, so no one can understand what you want to transfer. The only way they would understand the data if they receive a key for its deciphering. For example, the phrase “I am going home” will look like something incomprehensible “ewJVhfI$&#*@ fkGNMdk”. The great thing is that information will be transmitted in this form and it can be unblocked only with the encryption key.

Why do I need to encrypt my data?

Any actions that you do on the Internet can be traced by any person. Obviously we don’t want that, so encrypting our information is pretty much a necessity.
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How does encrypt your data?

This is an Advanced Encryption Standard with a 256-bit key, which is used to encrypt data worldwide. The number 256 means the key size, so the key length 256 bits gives 1.1 × 1077 possible combinations. No one has been able to decipher this algorithm yet. Just imagine, if you take a huge number of super-computers that have not yet been created, they have to work for about 14 billion years to decrypt your data. Pretty impressive, isn't it? uses this encryption algorithm as well, so it’s impossible for anyone to see and uncover your data. This way you can be sure that you will be fully safe in the online world no matter the situation!

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